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I am a bit shy person in the beginning, but trust me, once you know me, I am totally a very fun and easy going person. I like something handled professionally so don't be worry, I'll try my best to guide you during your stay in Yogyakarta with wonderful memories.

I also love swimming and jogging, I used to swim like twice in a week and do some jogging every morning for couple of minutes. I do love to watch movie and meet new friends from around the world cus I just wanna thank to every human being that thought me diverse should be appreciated :)

Guiding is one of my passion, I knew lots of things when I worked as a guide in one of the International museum in Yogyakarta, I met new people with new stories and energy everyday. It makes me feel I am stay young and the exhausting fade away after knowing someone's new. We never know what happen in the future, just in case the meeting with the right guy can bring you to see the world.
Professional description
I worked as a part time worker in a museum in Yogyakarta and I worked there for 6 months due to my graduation. I then worked in some English courses in Yogyakarta as a business development and currently I am an Auditor. I still enjoy guiding people from around the world cus it chills me up my day. I have free time during weekend so I will use it for something useful if I am in Yogyakarta.

Usually I will bring the guest based on their itenerary request, but sometimes, the plan cannot run as what we thought so I have so many plan and visit some non touristic place and meet also interact with local people and taste the local food. I guess you should consider as your bucket list to meet local people in every country. :D

I had experienced guiding people from around the world by becoming an independent guide and usually I will brought them with my motorbike and I want them feel the sensation of not having a car during the tour.

Yet some tourist insist me to just rent a car and I should bring them with that car. Everything are negotiable here actually :)

So if you have time and wanna spend and travel through Jogja in such tight schedule, don't be hesitate to contact me by facebook or inbox me directly. I guarantee you will get respond As soon as i Open the inbox.

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Alif Rosidin
English, Bahasa Indonesia
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