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The people of Petassos
About ten years ago, having just finished our university studies, we started travelling to Crete and exploring its mountain tops and underground caves. We soon realized that the myths and the history of the places we visited were a vital part of what we experience today. The stage had been set and we were very keen to discover more.
Based on our academic backgrounds (archeology, regional planning, speleology) we gathered experiences and put them in order. Then we started sharing them with friends and acquaintances.
It was these friends and their enthusiastic reactions that got us going and finally made us start organizing all this material on a more systematic basis. That’s how our personal experiences got “translated” into specific tours. In the end, these friends are what PETASSOS is all about, since they were the ones who breathed life into our vision and made it happen.
Professional description
Our engagement
Our aspiration is to introduce a new rationale about TRAVELLING, one that balances knowledge and recreation. Essential knowledge and recreation which is based on the contact with the unadulterated nature of Crete, as well as its landscape, the natural relief,the geomorphology that has impacted local culture and the character of residents from time immemorial.
This is why, in our travels, we select hikes through unknown natural trails, we explore caves, climb mountain peaks, discover the ancient civilization of this land as well as its contemporary expression by those who keep the exuberant past alive.
This entire exploratory experience is based on the principle of local residents’ active involvement and the substantial contact of travellers with producers, entrepreneurs and residents of the territories visited, who are indisputably those who preserve our millennia-old culture.
Our vision is to contribute as much as we can to the indigenous growth of this land that excites us with its authenticity and exuberance, this land that we never stop discovering.
Responsible travel
The locations we select to visit are often significant habitats for sensitive flora and fauna species. Their very existence indicates a healthy natural environment. The least we can do is respect them and minimize the impact of our visit while we are there and after our departure.
The human environment is as sensitive as the natural one. Respecting customs and the lifestyle of people in these traditional and truly hospitable places is a necessary condition for experiencing every trip as fully as possible.
This is why,
We collect all our rubbish or other objects that don’t belong to the location and enjoy the scents and views of herbal and other plants. We only photograph them but do not separate them from the soil that nourishes them. We avoid lighting fires and smoking and we take our rubbish with us.
When we depart all that we leave behind is our footprints and all we take with us is our memories.

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Petassos Travel
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General Tour Offers
THE FALL OF THE CITY CROWNMINOS: THE NINE-YEAR KING (ENNEOROS)ASTEROUSIA VULTURE a flight over the last hideouts of the cretan Vulture NERAIDOGOYLA THE FAIRY AT SELAKANOPLAKIAS: A short journey to the Earth processes that created CretePLATANIAS VULTURE a flight over the last hideouts of the cretan Vulture Evanthis- Stafylus- Inopionas: A trip from the vine to the winePLANTSCOMMUNITIES: Adaptation of the plants to the cretan environmentSECRETS OF THE OLIVE ORCHARD: An agro-ecological journey to the olive’s environment MINOS: THE NINE-YEAR KING (ENNEOROS)

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Price per person
70 EUR
Price for private tour
155 EUR See full offer


The tour around the fortifications of the city of Heraklion includes walks on the ramparts, and the external ditch, aiming to a deeper knowledge of this magnificent monument. Every WEDNESDAY from April to October and upon request.
GREECE Heraklion
/ 1 Days
4 Hours
Not Included
Max. Persons
PVT Trip
What's included?
Specialist Archaeologist, A manual for each traveler (with references, texts, photos, maps etc), Music, Extra Guide for more than 5 people, Branch, Water, Walks, Personal Insurance, Entrance fees to museums and organised archaeological sites
What's not included?
Translator (upon request are offered at the minimum possible extra charge), Meal, Beverage (soft drinks), Transfer to the starting point of the trips & return (upon request are offered at the minimum possible extra charge,) Transportation to the sites of the trip, Tours to organised archaeological sites, Personal expenses, Rucksack
Where to meet
Freedom Square, Heraklion


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