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Who is Guidexplorer

Guidexplorer is an ideal: to put the human factor at the heart of the travelling experience, to enhance the direct communication between humans, to enable people to make genuine encounters and to enrich their travelling experiences.
Guidexplorer is a dimension: a human dimension that adds significant value to the place and the resources that compose your travel.
Guidexplorer is a website: enabling travellers to find and get in contact with local tour guides who will accompany them and enrich their travelling experience.
Guidexplorer is not an agency: the traveller is in direct contact with the tour guide, the traveller makes the reservation directly with the tour guide, Guidexplorer does not intervene in and is not responsible for the transaction in any way, neither for the tour guide nor for the traveller.

General statement

Be aware that, by using this website, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions hereunder. We advise you to refer to these terms and conditions regularly as some amendments may occur. If you use this website following these changes, you implicitly agree with them.
In any case, your use of this website (including your use of its content and your submission of any content) must comply with the laws of France.

When you use this website

Your use of this website is allowed as long as :
You don't copy, modify or make use of Guidexplorer's material and content in a way that will not comply with the intellectual property rights,
You don't collect or make use of a third party personal information from Guidexplorer that will not comply with the confidentiality of these data,
You don't deliberatly impede over the proper functioning of this website,
You comply with the terms in the current document and the laws of France.

By using this website

You agree to help Guidexplorer by reporting any irregularities or inappropriate content immediately.
You agree that Guidexplorer cannot be held liable for your use of any third-party website.
You agree that Guidexplorer cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the downloading of its content.

Concerning your account

You are responsible for the use of your password, keep it confidential.
To complete your registration on Guidexplorer you will provide, among other information, a valid email address, that will be used as your login, and a password.
You are responsible for the use of your account and password, thus you will be liable for any damage caused to you or Guidexplorer by the use of your account by you or anyone other than you.
Make sure you keep your password confidential.

Intellectual property rights

The content of this website, including among others its name, logo, texts and graphics, is the property of Guidexplorer and is protected by the intellectual property laws of France.
Consequently, the content of Guidexplorer is provided for your personal use only, any other use for other purposes is strictly forbidden.
You are not allowed to use, copy or distribute it without Guidexplorer's written agreement.

Copyright and Content policy

Guidexplorer and its users are bound to respect all copyrights and intellectual property rights of others.
Guidexplorer will take all relevant and necessary measures in order to prevent and penalize any copyright or intellectual property rights violation. Thereby Guidexplorer can remove Content or terminate a user's access, without prior notification.
Please contact Guidexplorer in order to report any copyright violations.
This section shall survive any change, update or termination of these Terms.

Your submissions

By using the website, you and other users may post or submit content, including text and photos, to Guidexplorer.
Guidexplorer reserves the right to publish, or not, this content.
You are the sole responsible for your submissions, postings and the consequences of their publishing.
You agree that all information you supply on this website must be true, relevant, accurate, current and complete.
You are the sole responsible for the conformity of your submissions with all the applicable laws of France. Thereby you shall not post or submit any content that violates, among others, any intellectual property rights, moral rights, rights of privacy and publicity rights. Concerning the posting of photos, we remind you that in order to be compliant with the rights of privacy, you need to have the full permission of all persons present in the photo prior to its posting.
By using the website you expressly agree not to post or submit any content that is:
1) Immoral,
2) Obscene, pornographic,
3) Defamatory, discriminatory,
4) Violent, threatening or encourages violence,
5) Malicious, fraudulent,
6) An unsolicited promotion, advertising or a solicitation, or otherwise illegal.
Guidexplorer does not endorse and is not responsible for any user's content and thus is not liable for any violations of the current terms.
By using the website you agree to report any content that is not inline with the current terms to Guidexplorer.
Guidexplorer does not claim ownership of any content you may submit or post, however by submitting or posting content you grant Guidexplorer with the non-exclusive rights to use, copy, re-purpose, and display this content at Guidexplorer's discretion.

Guidexplorer's role

Guidexplorer is happy to bring the traveller and the tour guides, together referred to as 'users', to directly interact together. However Guidexplorer is not involved in the actual transaction and thus is not responsbile for the quality, safety, legality of the services advertised or communicated by the tour guides.
Similarly Guidexplorer is not responsible for the travellers behaviour, payments or any agreements between the traveller and the tour guide.
Guidexplorer shall in no way be liable to the traveller or the tour guide if the tour or tour offer concerned with the transaction is not suitable for the purpose.

User profiles

There exist two different user profiles in Guidexplorer : travellers and tour guides.
Tour guides shall be certified travel professional, capable, liable and insured to provide activities and tour offers to travellers. By registering on Guidexplorer as a tour guide the user declares compliance with the current terms and these conditions.
Travellers designate any registered user that is not a tour guide.
Tour Offers and activities published on Guidexplorer may be advantureous in nature and may involve personal risks. It's up to the traveller and the tour guide to take full responsibility and liabiliy for the activities and tour offers.
Guidexplorer shall not be held responsible for any issues related to the published activities and tour offers.

Tour guide's relation with Guidexplorer

When applying for the first time you must accurately describe your profile and commit to keep it up to date.
You have also to describe your tour offers following the same spirit.
When you sell a tour offer to a traveller you must have all the proper insurance to exercise the activity.
You are the sole responsible for these aspects.
Prior to any transaction with a traveller, you must provide this later with a contract describing the tour, the conditions of payment, the provisions in case of cancellation either by you or the traveller.
You must also advice the traveller concerning any additional requirements, like insurance for example, to cover damages to you, any thrid party, material damages as well as any other relevant insurance.
You commit to provide all information sufficiently in advance to the traveller prior to the effective date of the activity.
You have also to inform the traveller any particularities related to the activity you propose and concerning any eventual risks.

How is Guidexplorer paid

Any financial transaction is guaranteed by our payment partner (i.e. Paypal).
All payment related issues are liable to our payment partner, so please refer to their terms and conditions.
Guidexplorer shall not be liable or responsible to any damage or loss of any nature neither for any unauthorized use of your credit card arising from any transaction done via Guidexplorer.
Upon reservation of one or more activities (i.e. tour offers), the traveller will make a down payment of 10% of the total fee of the tour offer to The down payment made by the user (i.e. traveller) upon reservation is non-refundable and can not be claimed by any user (i.e. the tour guide or the traveller or any other user), this payment is important to ensure that the traveller will show on the day of the agreed activity (e.g. tour offer).

Feedback and rating system

Guidexplorer has put in place a feedback and rating mechanism.
This mechanism enables travellers to share their experience concerning a specific tour guide.
This mechanism is there to provide guidance to new travellers.
Only travellers having made a reservation on Guidexplorer will have the capacity to review a tour guide.
If you are a tour guide, make sure that your users perform this evaluation.
Tour guides with feedback and ratings have 80 times more chance to get contact from travellers.
If you are a traveller, please provide a fair and honest feedback for it to be useful to others. When filling the feedback form, please upload a photo or any visual evidence of you with the tour guide.