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My interests:Equal rights, outdoor activities, bikes ( from bicycle - street motorcycle to dirt bikes), socializing face to face, fitness, music - Old jazz school, photography- even if I am not the most skilled photographer , I am still learning, spirituality and self development.
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I am Corina and I live in Bucharest. Long ago,during high-school, I studied in London and I got back to Bucharest as Romania is a beautiful and complex country to live in. I really believe that I will be your Romanian friend showing you the Romanian experience.

Together, we will taste palica (Romanian plum brandy), Tamaioasa Romaneasca wine, sarmale ( mince balls with pork,rice, onion and polenta), we will have some slanina (smoked lard) and if you a enjoy, we can have a bite of telemea (Romanian cheese) by sheep cot . And above all we will enjoy the real taste of Romania.

I embraced tourism with a main desire in my mind: accessible tourism and make disable travelers to feel welcome in Romania. I've specialized in this field and I still do, still, my active nature, my active life and my active self do not keep me away from active or even adventure travel and tourism. I wish everyone in this world will enjoy Romania's uniqueness and activities that can be "savored" here the way I do as a local.

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Corina Stefan
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