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I am a happy person. I have a positive outlook in life. My passions and interest in life is to travel and meet new friends and learn from there cultures, traditions and story of there life. I am a nature and animal lover. I am a person with a kind heart. I always treat my guest as a good friend, a good family and a good boss because I believe people travels its either they want to unwind and get out of there comfort zones, To escape from ( bad relationships, bad jobs, bad family situation ) , To explore new lands, To learn or To find happiness.

I hope to see you guys here and I will do my best to make your travel fulfilled and memorable.
Professional description
I have 2 years tour guiding experience and most of my tours are in Nature and Wildlife. If you want to experience mountaineering, waterfalls trek, diving etc I am the right person you should contact.

Note: I am always happy to customize the perfect tour for you rather than take you on a standard itinerary that is the same for everyone. Let me know about your interests and passions and I'll make sure your time on Cebu is the best it can be!

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Dave Quilo
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