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Hello. My name is Francesca Maria and I was born and raised in Rome. I live in Trastevere, considered by many the most characteristic Roman district. Every day I enjoy the view of the Santa Maria in Trastevere's glittering Byzantine mosaics while I sip my morning cappuccino. My daily life is rooted in the ancient Roman rituals, shopping at the local fruit and vegetable market, meeting local friends at a leisurely pace in the streets.

Art history has always been my main passion. I graduated in Medieval Art History at the University of Rome and I later became an authorised and official city guide. I founded a
cultural association that promotes tailored itineraries for all those who wanted to discover the secret treasures of the Eternal city. I'm also a high school art history teacher and enjoy sharing with my students the pleasure of discovering a wonderful city like Rome. I love writing too and as a freelance I write articles and itineraries about Rome and Italy for the web magazine

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As a guide I believe in the power of storytelling, in locating the monuments and sites within a specific historic context that can explain and entice tourists and foreigners to the ancient Roman way of life.

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Francesca maria Pedulla
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