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People travelling everywhere in the world have many different general , they want to have a lot of comfort and relaxation.the duty of the tourguide not only provides the tourists with a lot of information about the region and people but also brings them joyfulness and fun.I like reading a lot of funny stories , singing English songs.I think that When i am with the client , I tell them a lot about Vietnamese culture , people and country.I also learn a lot of things from them.The most important thing , I can make them laugh with my funny stories and songs.
Professional description
My name is Khoa.I like to be called Kevin because my name begins with letter "K".I finished the foreign languages University in Ho Chi minh city.My major is English I can speak fair Mandarin Chinese and a little Japanese.I worked at Ho Chi Minh internationnal airport for ten years.I have been working as a freelance English speaking tourguide for nearly three years.I am very pleased to welcome all of you to Vietnam.I would like to tell you a lot about Vietnamese people and country especially the Vietnam destination in vietnam which I usually take tourist to is the Cu Chi Tunnel.If you join this tour with me.I tell you a lot about Vietnam War.

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Khoa Truong
Ho Chi Minh
English , Mandarin Chinese , Japanese
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