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Hello from Serbia! We look forward to show you one of the greatest places on the Planet, let us help you with any kind of arrangements.We have a good background in Serbian history, culture, architecture and science.
Being a tour guide, we have worked with travelers from all over the world mostly from Europe, North America and Russia. Our experience ranges from individuals to groups, and we can arrange transportation in comfortable cars.
It may come as a surprise for you, but Serbia is on the one had ancient, and on the other hand it is modern, so everyone will be able to find here something interesting and exciting. It is worth noting that there are certain advantages of using the service of a private guide and not the commercial one. We like to look on you not only as a tourists, but like our guests. Our goal is to represent Serbia to you like to our friends and to have one relaxed and fun introduction.
We offer various guided tours for individuals interested in learning something new and exciting about Serbia which will help you get acquainted with Serbian history, unique culture, national food and wine tastings and meet with Serbian way of life. All of our tours are quite flexible, so we can exclude some places and add others according to your desires.
The basic idea is not only to visit touristic attractions but also to give you a chance to try our national meals, taste our Rakia (homemade brandy which we are proud of), different types of cheese and vine. We want to give you a chance to take a peek at the daily life of the common man, to admire the beautiful urban and natural landscapes, to see our great nightlife in Belgrade or gather energy and recharge your batteries in our termal springs.
It will be our pleasure to be the one to reveal all the secrets of Belgrade and Serbia. We are always pleased when our guests are satisfied and leave with great memories of our beloved country.

We’re used to dealing with different kind of guests, offering private tours for individuals, families or groups. We specialize inguided tours in Serbia of museums, churches, city sightseeing and walking tours for discovering the most important city in Balkans.

Travelling has been our passion since our childhood, and that’s why we share the enthusiasm of the tourists who come to visit our motherland. You simply can’t imagine how much Serbia has to offer.

No matter how small may seem Serbia compared with other countries, its customs, traditions, cuisine, even the language are very different in different areas. Therefore, no matter how many times you come to Serbia, you will always have the opportunity to discover something completely new. Only one thing is always guaranteed: a rich history, beautiful nature, delicious food, interesting pastime, great company - the feeling that you are long waited guests here!

Be the first of your friends to talk about the beautiful country in the mountainous Balkans, and who knows, you might be so in love with Serbia and become our neighbors :)

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Marko Gladovic
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