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Xin chàooooooooo! I'm Namie! 100 percent Vietnamese girl!
Open, friendly, talkative, crazy - that is about me. I learned Marketing at university, got an MBA of an England college and now working as a Public relationship executive ;)
I was a French bilingual cause I learned it for a long time and now all I use is just...English lol. So basically, I can speak fluently English and French and I do have a big passion for talking foreign languages.
When I was a student, I got many experiences for being a "cool" tour guide lol for many people who come from all over the world (ok, its just a lit bit over cause I can actually communicate with only the ones who talk english or french lol) cause my high school and college had variety cultural exchange programs with foreign partners.
Professional description
So far, I still keep on my tour guide "career" by guiding for a lot of Couchsurfers and even with expats who are living in my place.
Above all, I'm inspired by new things, hang out wit new friends, talk another languages and showing what is the real of me lol. Especially, international friends give me an excited feeling when we meet, we eat, we share our opinions about whatever.
I have to admit that I have no license related to "being a tour guide", but try to believe me once - Marketing girl can do it well!
So, what are you waiting for? Just come here and meet me, we gonna rock our life, bring it up at Vietnam! My motto? MAKE THE WORLD MOVE!!!

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Namie Tran
English; French; Vietnamese
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Move with Namie at Ho Chi Minh city

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Price per person
50 USD
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Cause I'm working now, so I can only guide you only from 7pm till late for Mon - Fri and all day and night for Sat and Sun.
For each type of you, I can respond for all your requirements while visiting Ho Chi Minh City (guarantee by my 24 years for living here lol)
- First: FOOD - Vietnamese food with good price - so easy/ If you like to taste something more special like Japanese/ Korean/ Western/ Italian food - not a big deal! I can show you from something belong to Street food to High class food here. Both with good services.
- Second: Ho Chi Minh sightseeing - There are some very cool places for visit here, I can list some: Independence Palace; Ben Nha Rong (if you're interested in history); Ben Thanh market (for shopping traditional things in Vietnam); Pagoda/ Church (if religion is your choose) and more and more...
- Last but not least: RELAXING TIME - I mean shopping/ karaoke/ clubbing/ massage or everything that make you feel released. I know all these places that can satisfy even the hardest demands of yours ;) I have a confidence for showing an interesting nightlife here, you can call me "9life local" lol. Meet me once, i think u won't regret hehe!
Vietnam HCMC
English; French; Vietname
/ 0 Days
8 Hours
Max. Persons
PVT Trip
What's included?
- 1 visitor - we can go with my motorbike (you pay for the gas fee)
- More than 1 - we can arrange up to your request.
What's not included?
Where to meet
I can pick you up at your place.


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