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I'm from Vietnam, a young lady studying in Finland and loving to show you how amazing Finland is.
I can be seen funny but complicated, dynamic but enthusiastic, all at the same time.
But I'd love to be with new people, hang out at different places and listen to different stories. So nice to meet you in Finland :)
Professional description
A trip on your own is not that scary and lonely anymore, since I am here, being a lonesome wanderer with you, in Finland. I have been an international student in Metropolitan area of Finland for 3 years. 3 year is long enough for my lovely exploration and I would like to share them with you all. And obviously, you will experience the unique, funny and unforgettable moments here with me, someone who has been a traveler in Finland for 3 years. Traveling with the experienced traveler and the crazy partner sounds good enough, right?

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Natalie Do
English, Vietnamese
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