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Details about the offer

Tour photo of Tastes of The Old Bazaar
Price for private tour
173 EUR


We will enjoy a tour of the tastiest specialties that are unique to the Skopje's Old Bazaar, from first course to desert. We will also visit the landmarks that surround us in between our meal courses. We will walk from one place to another until we are ready for another tasty experience. Please know, this tour would not be fully experienced by a person that has dietary restrictions, such as: vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten allergic. However, I will do my best to give you a worthy option.
Macedonia: Skopje
English, Serbian, Macedonian
/ 0 Days
4 Hours
Not Included
Max. Persons
PVT Trip
What's included?
In this tour you get:
- me, to be your guide and storyteller about the tasty specialities of the Old Bazaar and about the Old Bazaar it self.
- a food experience of a cuisine at the crossroads of East and West.
- digital photo gallery of the tour.
What's not included?
Entrances to museums and galleries
Where to meet
The place to meet is your accommodation in Skopje, but we can also define a place that you prefer.

Basic Information about the tour provider

Guide certificate

Guide information

Personal description
My name is Bojan, but people all call me Rante, so you can too. I'm a professional tour guide and a bicycle tourism expert that would love to provide you with adventurous experiences, blended with magical nature landscapes, hidden cultural sites, and tasty local cuisine.
I've spent the last decade, and even more, on researching the bonds and believes that people have towards nature, especially trees throughout Macedonia. On the other hand, a slightly shorter period, I've been working on improvement of the cycling environment in Macedonia - a childhood passion that stayed with me all the time. Therefore you may find me most interesting if you ask me to tell you a story, while riding a bicycle to some rural area.
Professional description
I am a professional tourist guide since 2014.
I am a member of the Tourist Guide Association of Macedonia, member of the Bicycle Circle "Milton Manaki", and member of the Scout Organization of Macedonia.
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