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Details about the offer

Tour photo of Timisoara - Martyr City of Romanian 1989 Revolution
Price per person
12 EUR
Price for private tour
100 EUR


During 3-4 hours, we will conduct a journey into those hot days of December 89, when courageous people paid with their lives the price of a free Romania. We will visit the main relevant places for the revolutionary events that took place then in Timisoara.
Romania: Timisoara
/ 0 Days
3 Hours
Not Included
Max. Persons
PVT Trip
What's included?
Detailed explanations regarding context and events, plus photo/video display.
What's not included?
Entrance fee to the Timisoara Revolution Memorial
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Personal description
As a capable individual, with a relevant working experience and academic background, I am proud to say that I possess a comprehensive general-knowledge, having a particular interest in Geography, History and Geopolicy. I'm a tricky, curious and pro-active. I think that all these mentioned above are the main "spices" that can result in a proficient tour-guide.
Professional description
Being a Tourism College graduate, I'm conducting guided tours since 2000, but in a more informal context. Anyhow, I decided to approach more serious this activity since 2015. Currently, I prefer to conduct the following thematic guided sessions:

Local Guided Tours in Timisoara City: Timisoara, martyr-city of Romanian Revolution, Timisoara - City of three massive sieges: 1552, 1716 and 1849, Middle-Ages personalities of Timisoara, Classic Tour of the City, Jewish Traces in Timisoara, etc.

National Guided Tours: Following the route Romanian Revolution, Jewish Traces in Romania, various guided tours to be tailored together with the clients according to their interests: traditions, history, natural reserves and sites, etc.
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